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The Personal Finance Course

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1) Why Should You Save Money? Compounding Explained 2) Why should you Invest the money you Save? 3) How to Trick Your mind into Saving Money? 4) How To Create a Financial Goal? 5) How To Track Your Expenses? 6) How to Create an Effective Monthly Budget? 7) Best Money Saving Hacks 8) How To Create An Effective Personal Finance Plan? 9) What are the different ways I can Invest in India? 10) What Are Investment Calculators? How To Use Them? 11) What Should I Invest In First? Fixed and Recurring Deposit Explained 12) How To Open a Fixed and Recurring Deposit? 13) Health and Life Insurance Explained 14) How To Buy Health And Life Insurance? 15) Should I Invest in Gold? More about investing in Gold 16) Should I Buy A House Or Rent A House? 17) What are Mutual Funds 18) How to invest in Mutual Funds 19) How to build your investment portfolio 20) How to build your Tax Plan




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Personal Finance Discussion Group

Personal Finance Discussion Group

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