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Public Speaking 2 Day Workshop

Before I tell you more about this workshop, let me tell you a story first. It's not a long story and I promise you won't get bored. Scroll down slowly and read the story.

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So, this is Raj. Raj basically works in a big company and he's chilling , doing his work and minding his business.

Suddenly Raj's boss walks in and says he has to give an office presentation tomorrow.

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Even though Raj loves his job, he hates giving office presentations.  Also he gets tremendous anxiety while speaking in public.

Raj is already scared about tomorrow. Numerous thoughts run through this head - will he remember what to speak? will people laugh at him?   will he make a fool of himself?


And thus starts the fear. The fear of public speaking. Did you know a recent study showed that more people are scared of public speaking than even death?

 Do you feel like Raj?  If yes, don't worry. I was exactly like this too. In fact I was scared of even speaking in front of even 5 people.


I was extremely shy and introverted and even the thought of public speaking sent shivers down my spine.

But then, using techniques (that I will teach you in this course) I was able to completely transform     myself. 


I started giving talks and from being a shy and introverted kid I spoke in front of thousands    of people. Thats me speaking in front of 3000 Australians in Melbourne.

I started teaching in colleges and spoke in  front of 100,000 students across 500 colleges. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 9.46.53 PM.png

And then I gave this talk at the Ink Conference (TED India) which was seen by more than 4,000,000 people online.

So, if you want to get over your fear of public speaking signup for my worksop here. 

Students who have taken the workshop


What will you learn?

- Why do we have a fear of public speaking

- How to get over the fear of public speaking

- Practical steps to be able to successfully

speakin-front of an audience

Workshop Format

Online Workshop with Questions and Answers.

Total Duration - 3 hours

Who is this for?

- Students 

- Working Professionals

- Corporate Executives

Date & Time

Date : July 1

Time : 7:30 P.M

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How It Works

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