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2 Day Workshop


Before I tell you more about this workshop, let me tell you a story first. It's not a long story and I promise you won't get bored. Scroll down slowly and read the story.


In 2009 my friend and I were getting drunk over beers and we hit upon a business idea (a lot of you must have done this right?)

The idea was to make merchandise for students of schools and colleges. We wrote down the idea on a piece of
tissue paper.


download (1)_edited.png

But we did't know anything about running a business. Where we will get the money from, how will we setup the business etc. We knew nothing.

Also, to start an online business in 2009  was very hard. Fun Fact : Flipkart's first office was two minutes away from us.


And also, we were really scared. What if we failed? What if it didn't work  out.  What if we didn't know how to even run the company.

But we were really passionate about our idea so we decided    to give  it a shot. The first 2 years were extremely hard and we struggled a lot. 


But then   things began to change and we clocked 1 Million dollars in revenue in just 3 years from starting the business.

We got featured in all the newspapers and magazines and also ended up inspiring  other Indians to start their own company.


The company grew into India's largest customised merchandise company working with over 4000 schools and colleges across India.

I ended up starting 2 more companies. My recent one being Mento which is India's first micro-learning ed-tech platform.

image0 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

I knew nothing about running a business but I was  able to successfully start and  run 3 companies. And now, I will teach you how to do this. If  I can do it then anybody can do it.

So, if you want to be an entrepreneur then sign up    for my worksop here. 

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What will you learn?

- How to come up with a business idea

- Things to do before starting up

- How to market test your idea without spending

- Finding a Co-founder 

- Understanding Product-Market Fit

- Fundraising and much more

Workshop Format

Online Workshop with Questions and Answers.

Total Duration - 3 hours

Who is this for?

- Students 

- Working Professionals

- Corporate Executives

Date & Time

Date : 2nd July 

Time : 7:30 P.M

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