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How it all started

This is my story and the things I've done. I request you to scroll slowly to read about my journey. And if you get bored you can always shift to Netflix.


Thats me as a 3 year old wondering what to do with my life. I'm really rocking that look no?

Thats me  in school.  I was an extremely quiet kid. And very introverted. And I was always scared to do anything.


In my 11th std I decided  to become a filmmaker.  The fact that you can show  everyone whats inside your head with a camera fascinated me.

But my mom had a best friend named Anu Aunty who had other plans for me.


And so  like every middle class Indian kid, I ended up in engineering. And I hated it.

2005 - For the first time in my life I failed. And failure taught me an important lesson and pushed me to follow   my dreams.

2006 - I kept making videos and discovered Youtube. In 2007 I created India's first viral video.  It was a music video for the rock band Pentagram

2008 - A production company offered me a job to direct music videos and I was about to quit engineering. But the sinister Anu Aunty had other plans for me.


And so  I continued engg. And finally after 4 tortorous years I caught a bus to  Bombay. My first assignment got me a chance to direct A.R Rahman (I   know right. Even I couldn't believe it)

I then directed a Bollywood superstar in a music video. She refused to believe I was the director. I was 21 and
looked 14. Lol.


2009 - I came back to Blore for a break. One evening my   friend Rohn and I were getting drunk and we came upon a business idea. We wrote it down on a tissue paper.

The idea was to make merchandise for students of schools/colleges across India and sell it online


Starting a company in 2009 was very hard. No one took us seriously. For 2 years we struggled.  We didnt even have money to buy beer. Anu Aunty called me a T-shirt salesman. (thats not me btw)

But 2011 onwards things began to change. We got funded. Touched 1 Million dollars in revenue and got on the cover of India Today.

I  realised the true meaning of success when I saw  a guy wearing our merchandise in the same bar where we came up with the idea. It was magical.

2012- I wrote a book about Anu Aunty who was always an obstacle in my life. It became a best-seller and was read by 1 million people. WTF.


The book is now being made into a Bollywood movie by the director of India's highest grossing movie ever.
I know, I still can't believe it.

I started giving talks and from being a shy and introverted kid I spoke in front of thousands    of people. Thats me speaking in front of 3000 Australians in Melbourne.


I started teaching in colleges and spoke in  front of 100,000 students across 500 colleges. Thats me speaking at my engg college where I failed. Yaay.

I launched a new company called Grades Don't Matter (now Mento) to teach students from celebrities and experts. 


In the past 15 years I have learnt a lot and   through this  platform you can learn    what I've learnt all these years.
I sincerely hope you'll enjoy my classes. And write to me using the contact form below. Happy Learning :)

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