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Self-Awareness Workshop - Free

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Service Description

This is a Free Workshop. Self-Awareness helps in getting to know yourself better. This is what you will learn in the workshop. 1. How to recognise who you are 2. How to recognise how the world influences you 3. How to observe and accurately identify your thoughts, feelings and impulses 4. How to take accountability for your thoughts and feelings 5. How to self-motivate yourself 6. How not to succumb to FOMO 7. How to discover what you want from life 8. How to define your goals and follow through with them 9. What is the Attachment Theory. 10. How to find your attachment style. 11. How to stop Bottling up your feelings 12. How to stop Ignoring your feelings by distracting yourself 13. How to stop Numbing your feelings by drinking or playing video games 14. How to express your feelings. 15. Mindfulness and how to practise it. 16. How to find your purpose 17. How to use self-awareness to build a better professional and personal life. Outcome : 1. Helps in creativity, pride, and self-esteem. 2. Helps in self-development, acceptance 3. Helps in decision-making. 4. Helps develop emotional awareness 5. Helps in making the right career decisions

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Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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