Personal Finance Video Course

Before I tell you more about this workshop, let me tell you a story first. It's not a long story and I promise you won't get bored. Scroll down slowly and read the story.

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This is  the story of two friends  - Rohit and Raj. Both are 23 and have  recently graduated and started working for a company.

Lets assume both Raj and Rohit earn Rs 30,000 per month (don't panic, this is just an assumption)

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Now Raj decides  he wants to save money so he can invest in himself. So he decides to save Rs 3,000 each month. Rohit decides to chill and not save anything at all.

Now please remember Rs 3000 is the price of just one Dosa + Coffee each day.  Bascially Rs 100 into 30 days = Rs   3,000


So the age of 23  this is their savings each month :                  
Raj                         Rohit

Rs 3,000       Rs 0

Now lets assume Raj decides to save Rs 3,000 each month for the next 10 years and Rohit still chills.

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So by the age of 33  this is their savings  :                  
Raj                                          Rohit
Rs 3,60,000               Rs 0

Now lets assume Raj had invested all his savings. So at the age of 33  this is what Raj has :             
Raj                                          Rohit
Rs 6,86,543               Rs 0

Asset 56_2x.png

Now lets assume Raj stops saving at the age of 33 and lets this money stay invested for the next 30 years. So  by just saving one masala dosa and coffee this is his    accumulated investment :